Katharina Gehra

Managing Director, Immutable Insight

About the episode:

Katharina Gehra is managing director of Immutable Insight. Founded in 2018, the advisory uses scientific analysis to advise and service companies in the blockchain and crypto space. Named as one of Capital magazine’s ‘Top 40 under 40,’ she was also nominated as a blockchain “expert” for parliamentary hearings at the German Bundestag. In this in-depth conversation, Katharina reflects on starting out in a “traditional career in traditional finance” and how she then moved onto the crypto space; discusses the ins-and-outs of Bitcoin and what it could mean for the future of banking if the digital skills gap is bridged; and shares her optimistic views on how the future of Bitcoin can be a bright one if a transparent system is put in place.

Published: September 23, 2021

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