Atif Sheikh

CEO, businessfourzero

About the episode:

Atif Sheikh is chief executive of businessfourzero. Founded in 2015, the company helps the world’s major businesses change faster than the world around them – specialising in purprose, strategy, leadership, engagement and culture. An award-winning company, they have worked with clients such as Tesco, Electronic Arts, Reckitt and Aviva and received ‘The Best Employee Engagement Campaign’ at the Corporate Comms Awards, and ‘Best Culture Team’ at last year’s Business Culture Awards. In this in-depth conversation, Atif reflects on starting a business during a time dominated by Brexit and Covid, and how this taught him that it’s “the process that counts;” discusses the aims of businessfourzero – believing in the power of big business and helping them innovate; and shares his plans for the future with the key aspiration to “make the world a better place.”

Published: October 22, 2021

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